Questions That  New Farm or Ranch Owners Might Ask….

How Much Gravel Does It Take To Gravel My Road?

What Kind of Truck Do I Locate?

How Long Does it Take?

What Type of Gravel Should I use?

How much Does It Cost?

What Questions Should I Be Asking To Get The Right Trucker or Company?

How Much Does It Really Cost To Raise Cattle?

Do I buy direct from another Rancher or from a Sale Barn?

What Market price is fair?

Bulls… How Many do I Need For My Herd To Ensure They Are Bred Up?

Do I use a Local Cattle Pot or Trailer myself?

How Many Cowboys Do I need for Round up?

Should they have Cow Dogs?

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Allan Randolph
Author: Allan Randolph

Allan's Custom Hauling, Auctioneer, Cattlemen

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