Start A Farm Project, Farm Art and more

Here’s How it Works.  We all need to encourage our future farming generations to greatness.  To help this movement of engagement, we’ve partnered with a non-profit organization to process your donations and/or sponsorship for tax accountability.

To begin, find a project or artwork under a topic that intrigues you.  If the project author has a video, be sure to click on the link and watch their video for more details.

For example, Some projects may be a new compost design requesting funding support to create a marketable prototype or perhaps a composter is needed for a young farmer wishing to create a composter to harvest worms within the bin for sale to the public.

It can be virtually any farm project that is dreamed up, completed with the follow through and desired outcome specifically laid out for the sponsor or donation desired.

Artwork:  This section can be Original photos, art, sculpture, videos and other art that can be purchased directly by a sponsor, with the artist giving 100% of the owner’s rights to the sponsor, including the original art.

The art may not be replicated by the artist, nor posted anywhere on social media or elsewhere, so the sponsor purchasing the rights has 100% ownership and control with the sole right to use it or display anywhere, and the artist is completely selling the ownership rights to the sponsor.  Now the sponsor can use the images, or artwork anywhere, for any purpose in marketing, display, etc. and the actual artist cannot.

The Reward:  The artist may use the financial reward anyway they desire.


The project author that is sponsored or donated to, may reward you for the donation or sponsorship in multiple ways.  Much of the reward his in direct proportion to the size of the project.

If the requested amount is under $1,000, and multiple sponsors or donations are achieved, the author may reward the sponsors or donators with handwritten thank you letters, framed, with banners to hang in your office or lobby.

If the project is $5,000 or more, for instance, the author may have custom embroidered hats or shirts made for each sponsor who has donated $150 or more, or perhaps a unique reward, like a farmers market certificate.

It all will depend on the creatives of the author.  Each author is encouraged to be creative and unique in their rewards.


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