Farm and Rancher

We Love The Land We Caretake.

We Appreciate Our Animals And Wildlife.

We Respect The Water And Wilderness.


My name is Cara Randolph.

I reside just outside of Cortez, Colorado with my husband, Allan.

Our ranch consists of home raised, Grass Fed Black Angus Cattle, ranch horses, barn cats, 3 goats, Jesse, our working Border Collie, Yaunkey, the retired Curly Coated Retriever, Our Polydactyl indoor cats, and of course, all of the wildlife that comes and goes.

The real western spirit is very much alive and is a real way of life. Many folk here have families which the land has passed from generation to generation by way of Homesteading.

The families here are generations deep with roots that show in their pride as their children

grow up and take over the reins of the running the farm or ranch.

I am a member of Our local "Southwestern Cowbelles" organization,  (Colorado Cattle Women). We are ranchers and volunteers that  are involved with the spirit of educating folk about beef and agriculture, especially the youth to continue our long standing traditions of farming and ranching.

to raise funds for scholarships for the children, donate their time and food to families in times of crisis and ensure that event goers are well fed.

We are a community staple and well appreciated by all. I am proud to be a Cowbelle and Colorado Cattle Woman Member.


The land on the western slope of the Rockies is wild and untamed for the most part.  It usually has an abundant water supply fresh from the beautiful (and dangerous) mountains filled with lots of wildlife.

It is Bear, Mountain Lion and Elk Country And Our Cattle Know This Well, Too.

It is some of the most beautiful country in the world and it is the rugged and wild west here.


Real Cowboys and Cowgirls Live And Work Here.

And I Am Proud To Be Called a Cowboy By The Cowboys (Although I Am A Cowgirl).

When You Ride With Your Cattle or Someone Else's Cattle, You Are A Cowboy No Matter What Sex You Are.

You Are Expected To Do What We All Do, And Have True Grit... No "Girlies Girls" Are Allowed.

 Do What The Cow Boss Tells You To Do (No, Don't Jump Off A Cliff - No Dumb Stuff).

Just Know, There's Only One Cow Boss. The Owner Or Foreman Of The Ranch.

Listen, Learn, Be Quiet In The Saddle When You Need To Be And Excited

And Loud When You Need To Be. Ride And Handle Your Horse Well, Pee in The Bushes or Trailer, And Have Fun Living This Amazing Life.

Don't Be Afraid Of Bears, Just Always Be Ready, Aware Of Your Surroundings, Movement In The Brush or The Sky, And The Wildlife Around You.


We are a grass fed cow/calf operation.

 We Run Them high in the mountain country of SW Colorado and Pagosa Springs in the summer and on our property in the Winter.

We grow up the pasture for the cattle to eat when they come off the mountain in the fall and raise much of our food in the garden and enjoy canning it for the future.


We Get Fresh Milk, Cream (To Make Butter) And Eggs Weekly From a Herdshare Program Just Down The Road.

In the Winter Time, we grind 4 mixtures of hay, combined with silage to keep the calves warm and growing in the winter, hold back the heifers to grow our herd and sell our Steers at 1100-1300 lbs when they come off the mountain in the Fall.

Allan, my husband, also owns a Peterbilt Semi which he hauls cattle, hay, gravel and equipment with many different trailers.

It's Allan's "Custom Hauling" Thing He Likes To Do.


It is a lifestyle choice that we greatly love, appreciate and respect.


Cara Randolph, Founder  Farm And Rancher

farm and rancher

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