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  • A statement by you that you have a good-faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.
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At this time we allow website links in the ads. If you include a web address (url) in your ad you cannot use any verbiage that implies that you have anything else for sale.

EXAMPLE: You CAN NOT WRITE "Check out other items here" with a link.  We will edit your ad or delete your ad.  Violations may result in permanent termination from


By placing an ad on the ad placer agrees to the following:
All photos used in ads on may be used by for the purposes of advertising/betterment of

When you provide text and images to by placing content (text and images) on the Website, you grant  an exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free license to publish, display, transmit and make any other commercial use of that content in any media now existing or created in the future. This license includes the right to modify and make derivatives of the content, as well as to store all content in an accessible archive.

USE OF VIDEOS does not allow any YouTube links in the text portion of ads.

Note: If you include a video link in your ad text, it will be removed by the admin. If you do it a second time, your ad will be deleted and no refund will be given. Also not allowed in ad text are the following: Call for Video, Contact for Video, Video Available, see our video on YouTube or any other website.

Note: If you include a reference to an off-website video link in your ad text, it will be removed by the admin. If you do it a second time, your ad will be deleted and no refund will be given.

BRANDS for SALE (If Applicable Category)

When posting brands for sale, you are only allowed to post 1 brand per ad.

BUSINESSES FOR SALE (If Applicable Category)

When listing ads in this category, you may only list 1 “Business for Sale” per ad. Businesses listed in this category must be Ag (Livestock) Related. Businesses listed in this category must be Established businesses, however, the business can be open, closed, shuttered, or bank repossessed as long as it had been operated as an open business at one time.

CATTLE for SALE (If Applicable Category)

When posting cattle for sale, you may only post 1 offering of cattle per ad. All cattle MUST be listed by breed and class.

Example: If you are selling all of your cattle, and you have cow-calf pairs, bull(s), and yearling heifers, each class of cattle has to be listed in a separate ad; cow/cow-calf pairs in one ad, bull(s) in a separate ad, and yearling heifers in a separate ad.

Note: This is done so that people searching for specific classes of cattle can locate what they are looking for better.

Private Treaty Sales vs. Auctions: If you are selling your cattle private treaty, you may list them the under "Cattle for Sale category of the classifieds. If you are advertising an auction sale of any type, you cannot list it under the "Cattle for Sale" classifieds, You must place it as an Event Listing or Auction Listing.


These Listing Types ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN REAL ESTATE.  These are paid listings. Any attempt to list any property for sale in Classified Ads, if applicable, will BE DELETED.  You May Be Permanently banned from the site.


HANDMADE ITEMS (If Applicable Category)

You may NOT link an ad to any site that delivers the end user to another online store, such as Etsy.  List Only items you have available or custom create.  No other site linking is allowable.

HAY for SALE (If Applicable Category)

When listing ads in this category, you may list only 1 offering of hay per ad. An offering of hay is distinguished from other offerings of hay by forage type & bale type

HORSE AUCTIONS and SALES (If Applicable Category)

This category is designed for farmers, ranchers, auctions, or individuals putting on a Production or Performance Horse Sale. You may list an upcoming Horse Sale in this category. List In EVENTS CATEGORY.

HORSE PROPERTIES FOR RENT (If Applicable Category)

When listing ads in this category, you may only list 1 “Horse Property for Rent” per ad. Ads being posted in this category must be an actual horse facility, a ranch or farm headquarters, or pasture designed with the ability to keep and maintain horses. If the property you are offering for Rent does not have the ability to contain and maintain horses at the time of advertising it is not a horse property.


This category is for horse trainers advertising their training business. It is not for people seeking a job at a horse training facility. If you are seeking a job at a horse training facility, please post you ad under "Seeking Ranch Jobs".

Note: In Images No T-Shirts, Riding Helmets, Stand On Horses.

Horse Trainers are Not Allowed to advertise Horses for Sale in this category. Please list horses for sale under the "Horses for Sale" category, if applicable.

HORSES for SALE (If Applicable Category)

When listing a horse for sale under this category, you can only list 1 horse per ad. The reason for this is that people searching for a specific type of horse can find them more easily.


LIVESTOCK for SALE (If Applicable Category)

All livestock must be submitted in the Livestock Section. No exceptions.


This Section was designed so private individuals and commercial trucking companies may list either loads needing to be hauled or truck and trailers heading to locations.


This category was designed so that people providing support services for the farming and ranching industry could list their services.

PASTURE for LEASE and WANTED (If Applicable Category)

This section is for listing pasture(s) and or ranches for lease. It is also for those searching to lease pasture(s) and or ranches.

RANCH & LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT (If Applicable Category)

When listing ads in this category, it is best to list only 1 piece of equipment per ad. The only exceptions to this rule are items being sold as a group such as guard rail, panels, feeders...

FARM AND RANCH DOGS (If Applicable Category) 

Anything goes on the farm, as we know.

Please make sure you are stating working or non working dogs, bloodlines, and as much known as possible.

EMPLOYMENT - JOB ADS (If Applicable Category)

When listing ads in this category be sure that you list your ad in the proper Sub Category EXAMPLE:  Employment Wanted - OR- Employers-Job Posting


EMPLOYMENT - JOB DRESS CODE (If Applicable Category)

We are now implementing a dress code for Seeking Job Ad Photos.

Please Wear Appropriate Clothing: Long Sleeve Button Down Shirts, Western Vest or Jackets, Jeans, Shoes or Boots, Cowboy Hats or in Relation To The Job You Are Seeking.


TRAILERS FOR SALE (If Applicable Category)

When listing ads in this category, you may only list 1 Trailer per ad.

Note: If you are a dealership You MUST First list your business in our "Places/Services GeoDirectory First"

TRUCKS FOR SALE (If Applicable Category)

When listing ads in this category, you may only list 1 Truck per ad. No business signs in Truck Ads.

Note: If you are a dealership You MUST First list your business in our "Places/Services GeoDirectory First"

WESTERN MERCHANDISE (If Applicable Category)

When listing ads in this category, you may list multiple items per ad.

Note: It is up to the discretion of the website's administration to delete any ads not meeting our guideline standard; if an ad is deleted because it does not conform to our guidelines, the fee, if any, for posting the ad will be refunded.

By posting your ads on this site, you agree to follow these rules and terms of use.

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