Have You Ever wished that you could include videos and tons of images in your classified ads?

How about links to Your Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts?

Your email and contact number are standard with many classified and rightfully so.


FarmAndRancher.com is designed by a farmer and rancher in SW Colorado that understands our industry and works it daily. We know what you want without heavy costs or contracts to get your items noticed and sold.


With such a diversified lifestyle and industry, classifieds should reflect this.

We offer businesses and services ads for our industry.  Locate a pond excavator in Land and Property Services, near your town or zip code.


Tired of the Facebook animal-livestock policy?  Absolutely and this is why we exist.

We know that we sometimes have animals that need new homes or need to be advertised as a whole beef, live on the hoof, not already processed beef in the freezer.  As a rancher whom actually raises 1,100-1,350 pound Black Angus yearlings for sale this way, aside from word of mouth and posting flyers at the local feed stores and other places, or placing high priced ads in the local newspaper, We understand the frustration of the Facebook policy that completely shuts us down from utilizing the social network to market our products.


Horses are another thing, and so many ranchers need real good horses ready to go to work. Sometimes farmers need extra help during harvest or planting, and just think of the in between categories.

We have them covered without the over kill of categories that make you scroll and search.


Get to the matter fast and list what you need to sell or locate what you need to find.

Now the best part, we cross post your listings to social media for you.  That's right, we are driving traffic utilizing the same social media policy that shuts us down by coming in through the backdoor, so to speak. We use our #FarmAndRancher and FarmAndRancher Social Accounts and blast your ads to 7 major social media sites to gain traction for your ads.


We offer excellent categories without over kill.

We offer Free listings, 6 and 12 month listings.


We offer Business and Service specific Categories that contain special features especially for business owner.

Share #FarmandRancher and join in on the classified advertising fun.

Ads don't have to be boring, Ad Your VIDEOS.


It's Where You Belong!

And earn income of $18 per referral for each Realtor that lists their Unlimited Property listings.  Got to the Partners tab to learn how easy it is.








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