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What Inspires You More Than The Thought of a Urban City Learning About Farm And Ranchers?

When The appreciation for the love of what farmers and ranchers actually do every day, in and out, to feed the world, is realized, perhaps the enjoyment of the food raised in a garden, or the piece of steak you are eating, or the apple juice you are drinking is realized.

When the actual 'event' of gardening occurs, your body releases a euphoric hormone, called "Dopamine".


Like serotonin, dopamine is a type of brain chemical called a neurotransmitter.


Released by neurons (brain cells), neurotransmitters control myriad body functions and transmit signals from the brain to the body by passing across small gaps (called synapses) between each neuron.


So If You get a high like a dopamine rush when planting, nurturing, and harvesting, wouldn't this actually be a cure for depression or drug addiction?

Here are 14 signs of Dopamine Deficiency.



    1. Lack of interest in life
    2. Decreased motivation
    3. Procrastination
    4. Inability to feel pleasure
    5. Altered sleep patterns
    6. Restless leg syndrome
    7. Fatigue
    8. Mood swings
    9. Excessive feelings of hopelessness or guilt
    10. Poor memory
    11. Inability to focus/impaired concentration
    12. Impulsive or self-destructive behaviors
    13. Addictions to caffeine or other stimulants
    14. Weight gain
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What is dopamine? It's the hormone triggered when we approach and anticipate a reward and is associated with euphoria and bliss—hence it's nickname "the feel-good hormone." Along with dopamine released in the brain comes a good feeling accompanied by a surge of energy so we can realize that reward.


Harvesting something You helped grow is the ultimate high and when this is shared with others and everyone has the same passion, it becomes a community.


When You actually begin eating this harvest, it actually tastes even sweeter and the appreciation for the  work that went into the creation is fully realized.

Now when you go to a store, do you feel the appreciation when yo look at the fruit  and vegetables or a disconnect?


Most likely a disconnect and this is the connection we are attempting to create in the minds of the public so that the understanding and appreciation of the process of growing is there.


Someone can go to a restaurant, order dinner, eat it and have absolutely no understanding of the food they just consumed.

Now if the Chef or waiter conveyed to the consumer the love that the farm or rancher put into the growing of the tomato in the salad, I guarantee it will taste tremendously better to the consumer, because the mind has been conveyed to.

The seed has been planted to the consumers mind and this is the Connection to the consumer we are trying to bridge.

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