Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture Market Excites New Generations

So You Are Thinking About Being a Commercial Farmer?  Being In The Right Place at The Right Time is About To Happen As Our World Hunger Deepens.

With Smart Agriculture, You Now Don't Have To Get Your Fingernails Filled With Soil Either.

With The Right Ingredients From The Start, You Can Yield Harvests And Manage Your Crops Right From Your Phone.


Smart agriculture is a paradigm shift in farming

that helps in guiding actions needed for modifying & reorienting farming systems in order to aid the growth of the farming sector. Furthermore, there is a shift in farming trends from family farms to smart agriculture due to altering global trade rules, population explosion, climate change, biotechnology, nanotechnology, demographic changes, servicization around the key products, growing value chain integration, and growing urbanization.

A Massive need for fulfilling global food demands will boost the market growth.

The rise in the demand for food and the necessity of greenhouse farming activities is likely to drive the expansion of the smart agriculture industry over the forecast timeline. In addition to this, the humungous requirement of smart irrigation management activities will steer the growth of the smart agriculture industry during the forecast timeline.

Furthermore, legislation favoring smart farming activities are likely to influence the growth of the smart agriculture industry over the period from 2019 to 2027.

Growing demand for personalized food products along with growing health consciousness will trigger the market growth over the forecast period.

Moreover, a severe need for increasing the crop output, changing value chain & firm configurations, and improvement in the efficiency of supply chain activities will offer massive growth opportunities for the market over the forecast timeline.

The growth of the segment during the forecast period is due to its ability to produce high crop yield with input used in precise proportion or minimally. Moreover, precision farming helps in preventing the degradation of agricultural land and makes proficient utilization of water resources.

Furthermore, huge acceptance of precision farming techniques including positioning systems, guidance systems, remote sensing, and variable rate systems by the farmers will boost the segmental growth during the forecast timelin

North America to contribute majorly towards the overall market revenue share by 2027.

The regional market growth is attributed to huge government funding to carry out research & development activities in the farming sector with an aim to increase the crop output. In addition to this, farmers in countries like the U.S. and Canada are accepting new farming techniques like guidance systems, display equipment, farm management software, and sensors. This, in turn, will further expand the business scope in the region over the forecast period.


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