Thank You For Your Donation To Farm And Ranch Projects

and Supporting Farmers and Ranchers.

Now Let's Get You Connected With Your Farm/Ranch Project Creator

To Connect With Your Project Creator in The Social Farm, Locate your Project Number and Click It.

You Will Be Connected in The Social Farm Where They Will Post Their Project Updates and Progress With Images, Video, Audio and Articles So That You May Become a Part of Their Project As It Comes To Life.

This is The Farm And Rancher Promise Our Project Creators Keep And What Sets This Platform Apart From Any Other.

Enabling The People Who Help Bring The Project To Life Become Apart of The Project As It Comes To Life.  For Mentors, This Is  Communication Bridge, For Donors, This Is a Visualization Bridge, And For Family And Friends, an Area To Encourage and Assist Socially With The Project Creator.


First Select The Project Number and/or Project Group Title Below.

Click The Blue "Click Here" Button. 

If You Are Not Logged In To The Social Farm, Login, Click On The Groups Tab in Your Profile Area Directly Above Your Profile, to the Right of The Members Tab.

Locate The Project # or The Project Group Title.

We Encourage Project Creators to Keep Their Group a Closed Group for Participants Only of the Group, and those invited by the Project Creator, Referred by Donors, Mentors, Family and Friends.

Closed Groups Need To be Invited or Request Group Membership.  

As a Donor, you Will Automatically be Invited, although You Can Also Request To Join The Group.  Everyone in this group now has something in common.  Supporting a Project.  Talk about it, Share your thoughts, meet other donors, and mentors and more.


Introduce Yourself and Share The Project With Your Associates, Friends, and Others.  Encouragement goes a long way and support for the right reasons is a driving force for everyone to share together.


Shout It Out!
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